Eastside CARES is a campaign to build a permanent, year-round, 24/7 shelter for families and adult women experiencing homelessness. 

To make this shelter a reality, we need your help!
Our goal is to raise $2 Million from community supporters.
To date, we have raised $1.1 Million.
The entire campaign goal is $8,937,523,
with most of the money coming from city, county and state funds.



A Collaboration of Compassion
The Eastside CARES campaign is a model of our community and local governments coming together to help turn around one of the most difficult problems of our time...homelessness. The focus is on providing shelter and support for the increasing number of men, women, and children in our region without access to shelters.


The New Permanent Shelter
The new permanent shelter in Kirkland will provide beds, meal services, showers, laundry facilities, and expanded hygiene facilities.  This shelter will combine the day center and the overnight shelter, resulting in one place to provide a home base while families find employment, housing and stability.


Opportunities for Generosity
We invite you to take part in this historic opportunity to improve your community, alleviate significant levels of human pain, and make your statement that everyone deserves a place to call home.  Please consider a gift of support to Eastside CARES.  Gifts of cash, stock, property and deferred gifts will be gratefully accepted.